Prince’s Misty Twist

ApHANZ #: 1915
Sire: Prince’s Mighty Twist (imp USA)
Dam: Burns Valley San Kitten (imp Canada)
Dam of 8 foals:
Boot Scootin Bar OH (1995 gelding)
P&R Mighty Redheart (1997 gelding)
P&R Colida’s Miss Kitty (1998 filly)
P&R Colida’s Bright Star (2000 filly)
P&R Colida’s Twister (2003 gelding)
P&R Peppermint Twist (2004 colt)
P&R Colida’s Prince (2005 colt)
P&R Twist N Print (2009 filly)

P&R Royal Print (2012 colt)


Deck’s Streaker (deceased)

ApHANZ #: BS1029
Sire: Deck Bar (imp Australia)
Dam: Tina Bar (QH)
Born: 28 September 1982
Breeder’s Award: Leading Dam of Point-Earning Halter Horses
Dam of 13 foals:
Streakalong (1985 mare)
Firemist (1988 mare)
Miss Ballistics (1987 mare)
P&R Miss Streaker (1989 mare)
P&R Midnight Streaker (1991 mare) – ApHANZ #1609
P&R Streaker’s Promise (1994 mare)
P&R Streaker’s Joy (1993 mare)
P&R Streaker’s Knight (1994 gelding)
P&R Streaker’s Gold (1995 gelding)
P&R Lady Godiva (1996 mare)
P&R Streaker’s Saint (1997 gelding)
P&R Streaker’s Commanche (1999 gelding)
P&R Deck’s Navajo Warrior (2001 stallion)

Siri’s Priceless Touch

ApHANZ #: 1334
Sire: Marama Siri Raindance
Dam: Idaho’s Moana
Born: 30th September 1985
[Black Spotted Roan or suppressed leopard]
Dam of 11 foals:
P&R Supreme Touch (1993 gelding)
P&R Dusti’s Spotted Ace (1994 gelding)
P&R Touch of Honey (1995 mare)
P&R Smokey Touch (1996 mare)
P&R Dusti Blue Steel (1997 gelding)
P&R Blue Ice (1999 stallion)
P&R Dusti’s Gold Touch (2000 filly)
P&R Dusti’s Royal Touch (2003 filly)
P&R Dusti’s Last Touch (2002 filly)
P&R Colida’s Raindancer (2004 filly)

P&R Colida’s Princess (2006 filly)
P&R Cody (2009 colt) deceased

Reflection Snowprint (deceased)

(Imp AUS)
ApHANZ #: 868
Sire: The infamous Chico’s Snowcoke (Imp USA)
Dam: Whistler’s Handprint (Champion)
Dam of 8 foals:
P&R Dusti’s Reflection (1990 stallion)
P&R Dusti’s Milinda (1991 mare)
P&R Gypsy Rose (1992 mare)
P&R Dusti’s Snowprint (1994 stallion)
P&R Dusti’s Handprint (1995 gelding)
P&R Reflection Snow Doll (1998 mare)
P&R Dusti’s Party Doll (2000 filly)
P&R Dusti’s Southern Belle (2001 filly)

Kotuku Tickled Pink (deceased)

ApHANZ #: 1157
Sire: Plaudit Silver Fox (Imp USA)
Dam: Ladies Pride (TB)
Dam of 10 foals:
P&R Little Tickle (1990 mare)
P&R Cool Breeze (1992 gelding)
P&R Tickle’s Pride (1993 mare)
P&R Music Man (1994 gelding)
P&R Dusti’s Gift (1996 mare)
P&R Dusti’s Apache (1997 gelding)
P&R Midnight Lace (1999 filly)
P&R Snowprint’s Anna (2001 filly)
P&R Snowprint’s Jazzman (2004 gelding)
P&R Snowprint’s Wildcard (2005 gelding)

Agr Ziggy Stardust

ApHANZ #: BS3609
Sire: Thunder Buddy (ApHC #T89802)
Dam: Little Dinks (TB)
GT-GT-Grand-Daughter of Navajo Britches
Bred by Gail Rosevear of Whakatane
Dam of:
P&R Kalahari Gypsy (1999 filly)
P&R Kalahari Gold Nugget (2002 gelding)
P&R Ziggy Snowprint (2004 gelding)
P&R Dusti’s Prince (2007 gelding)

P&R Flash Print (2011 gelding)

P & R Hope’s Moonbeam

ApHANZ #: 1721
1990 Mare
Sire: Dusti Breeze
Dam: I.H. Whispering Hope
Dam of:
P&R Moonie’s Rockstar (2004 gelding)

P&R Kashani Moonbeam (2006 filly)

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