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Our stud is no longer going due to our stallions all passing on to the great place in the sky, we currently have three old mares still alive, Princess Misty Twist 27 years old, Siris Priceless Touch now 31 years old, and AGR’s Ziggy Stardust, 25 years old. They are so far looking amazing, and we feed and look after them every day.

About Us

P & R Appaloosas have made a name for themselves throughout New Zealand.

With a history dating back to 1971, we have bred horses excelling in every equine field in the country.

We welcome you to follow our history and learn about our horses.

Peter and Rae Mutch
P & R Appaloosa Stud

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816 Tuhikaramea Road
R.D. 10
New Zealand

Phone: +64 (7) 847 5555


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Peter and Rae Mutch
P & R Appaloosa Stud